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Question: What is the common thread running through each of the following?

The demand that we eat bugs to save the planet.

Disney and all other media venues releasing movies that are more propaganda than entertainment.

Unqualified and mentally unstable ‘transgenders’ in positions of authority.

The refusal to incarcerate criminals by law enforcement.

Our corporations and universities hiring employees based on DEI rather than on merit.

Demonizing white males so that they withdraw from the culture.

Driving up inflation through profligate spending.

The installation of the two most powerful people in the country who are so corrupt and incompetent that they could not be trusted to clean your toilet. 

Answer: Each of these are meant to demoralize the culture. 

Question: What would be the motivation in demoralizing the culture?

Answer: To make people easier to control by the wealthy and powerful.

Question: Who has made it plain that they intend to ‘Reset’ the world economy and culture (but did not bother to ask our permission)? 

Answer: The evil Globalists, their Globalist organizations, and their media propaganda tools.

Question: Why would they do such a drastic thing?

Answer: They, like Hitler, having noted that the world is lacking in moral fortitude, have chosen now to seize total control of the planet.

And they are moving with blitzkrieg speed.

The purpose of Psyops is to convince your enemy that resistance is futile.  To cause people to surrender because the enemy is perceived to be overwhelmingly powerful. 

Unfortunately, the Psychological Operations being used today are not science fiction.  And they are not being conducted by super powerful aliens from another galaxy.

They are being perpetrated by the evil Globalists.

The Globalists are not seeking biological and technological perfection; they are seeking the subjugation of the world.  Their intention is to enslave humanity so that all are completely at the mercy of a Satanic Global ‘elite.’

To achieve this goal, they have devised several strategies and tactics to erode morale among those who would resist them.  It is their intention to cause the ‘rebels’ of every society to retreat, surrender or defect to their side. 

In a Godly nation, tyrants must resort to guerilla tactics to demoralize their opposition.  In order for the few to control the many, they must engage in lightening attacks to constantly test the resolve of their enemy. 

When your enemy loses the will to fight back, then bolder steps can be taken. 

The evil Globalists have become so bold that they are publicly stating how they intend to subjugate us. 

The power to pull this off did not happen overnight.  There were a number of small steps meticulously taken that slowly weakened the resolve of America and the world. 

Around the mid-nineteenth century, the evil Globalists had purchased judges in this country to rule that prayer and Bible reading in school was ‘unconstitutional.’  Once they saw that the nation lacked the faith to fight back, they moved on to even greater lawlessness.

These judges then invented special rights like a ‘right to privacy’ so they could rule abortion legal nationwide.  We now know that this ‘ruling’ was meant to advance the evil Globalists’ depopulation agenda.  This ruling had nothing to do with legitimate jurisprudence. 

The (in)justices who advanced this ruling did so under the guise that they wanted to protect our privacy.  

The fact is that they could care less about our privacy. 

They do, however, care about awarding us special rights, that were never threatened in the first place, so that they could define these rights and eliminate them at their leisure.

With this success under their belt, they became even more bold and claimed that homosexuality has always been protected by the U.S. Constitution, that there is such a thing as ‘gay marriage,’ and that there are more than two sexes.  They have taken full advantage of the fact that the faith of the American citizenry was sufficiently weakened.

Once Americans were separated from the word of God, they would be willing to recognize any form of Godless perversion. 

Now, instead of bible reading and prayer in our schools, we have gay porn and pedophile approved stories for our children to digest.

Once people began to fall away from the faith, the number of those with moral fortitude began to dwindle.  There are fewer people left to stand against the evil that is engulfing the nation and the world.

Christians are now the outcasts in a nation that has a constitution explicitly protecting us. 

The greatest ‘rebels’ in this world are Christians because we are not of this world.  

We are its greatest enemy, so we are always the primary target. 

This world belongs to Satan and those who are not of this world do not belong to him.  They belong to the Lord.

Now that people of faith are the extreme minority, we will need to be either assimilated or eliminated.  We cannot be allowed to roam about freely because we are a threat to Satan’s kingdom.  Our freedom may encourage others to rebel against the ruler of this world and that is an intolerable situation to a demon who fancies himself a god.

Fortunately for us, Satan has a Holy Spirit problem. 

Although he is the ruler of this world, and his numbers vastly exceed ours, he is still only a tool of God’s judgment.  He is kept on a leash and the tether is only lengthened by God when faith is waning.  He is allowed to roam free to test the faith of God’s creations, especially when it is faltering. 

However, he is limited to prancing around like a roaring lion seeking who he can demoralize and assimilate (devour).

When he is resisted by the power of the Holy Spirit, through faith, he is forced to withdraw.

Since Satan is in the demoralization business, it should come as no surprise that his servants are in the same business.  His servants are easy to identify because they stand in opposition to the established order that God has created. 

For instance, since God said, ‘Be fruitful and multiply,’ it should come as no surprise that those in the service of Satan would want to oppose that edict.  Satan has found those who will stand in opposition to this order, among them abortionists, to see to it that this command is thwarted.

When God said, “subdue the earth,’ Satan was going to need to establish a cult that would stand in opposition to this command.  He would need a false narrative that he could issue to convince people to live in a pagan ‘at peace with nature’ mentality.

Thus was born the silly notion of ‘climate change.’

Satan must work diligently to make sure he does not lose control of his kingdom.  He needs powerful people to help ensure that everyone stays on his agenda.  The primary job of these people is to create the conditions that will allow for a change in the order that God has created.

Currently, he has chosen the evil Globalists to wreak havoc on the cultures of the world and to break them down so that Satan’s kingdom can be established.  Since their numbers are few and they cannot take the world by force, those who cannot be purchased will need to be demoralized until they capitulate to their authority.

Satan is fully aware that we as human beings cannot serve both God and money because we will love one and hate the other.  It is not all that difficult to find people who would much rather serve money than God.

Just look at the current state of ‘science’ or the medical profession.

Once politicians and ‘professionals’ are enlisted, and placed into positions of power, they quickly move to reorder God’s creation so that they are served rather than God.  Satan has no doubt promised them the whole world if they will only bow down and worship him.

If Satan did not have the power to grant this, Jesus would have corrected him when Satan tempted him on the mountain top. 

Their first task is to root out the ‘rebels’ who are a threat to their designs.  They have no interest in Muslims or Hindus no matter how great their numbers grow. 

Their primary concern is the Christians because we are the only threat to Satan’s kingdom.

Since they must contend with the Holy Spirit like their father the devil, they are forced to rely, at least in the beginning, on deception.  They must find a way to destroy faith so that the number of Christians does not grow.

These people never bother to try to deceive Muslims or Hindus, they are already deceived.  The greatest fear of the evil Globalists is that these people will hear the words of truth and repent. 

The wealth and power of the evil Globalists is used to demoralize their opposition.  It takes a lot of money and power to deceive a large group of people.  Since the evil Globalists have their eyes on the whole world, it will take incalculable amounts of wealth to pull this off.

One of our current most prominent kings (although it is unlikely he will make it to the Tribulation), Charles III, is recommending about 5 trillion dollars annually.

Their greatest obstacle has, in this modern age, been Western Civilization.  It should come as no surprise that it is Western Civilization that is constantly castigated in our propaganda centers (schools and Universities). 

The evil Globalists have promoted a term to demoralize those that would defend the greatest civilization ever created which, not surprisingly, was based on the Christian faith.

Western civilization has been the greatest civilizer of the world since the dawn of humanity and Satan aims to stamp that out. 

To achieve this goal, Satan and his minions moved to develop the idea that ‘colonialism’ was evil and destructive.  This false designation would help put a stop to the Great Commission which had thwarted his kingdom for the last two thousand years. 

The last thing Satan and his minions want is for those who have already fallen to his deception to be exposed to a rebel who is in possession of the Gospel.

Satan cannot have people running around making disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching them all that Christ has commanded.

When the evil Jesuits established ‘the Reductions of Paraguay,’ they indoctrinated the people to hate those that would attempt to put a stop to this scheme.  They understood that there would be faithful people that would see this travesty and seek to liberate the denizens of Paraguay from their tyranny. 

That is why the evil Jesuits propagandized the Paraguayan Indians to kill white men on sight.

The schemes of the evil Jesuits are being realized again as the myth of ‘white supremacy’ is being peddled among the wicked.  Those Caucasians that complain about this demonization are then accused of ‘white fragility.’

There is now an all-out effort to demoralize white males.

The false accusation of ‘racism’ is now commonplace among the mischievous.  It is ingrained in our culture and is used by the devious to bear false witness against the ‘rebels’ who stand against Satan’s kingdom. 

This accusation violates God’s law to refrain from bearing false witness against one’s neighbor.  It is a demonic practice that is meant to demoralize those who oppose the building of Satan’s kingdom.

And the construction of Mystery Babylon the Great is nearing completion.

White males are the primary target for demoralization among the evil Globalists.  At the risk of being called ‘racist,’ white males have historically been the greatest fighters for freedom and the fiercest proclaimers of the Gospel.

When we consider the Magna Carta, the U.S. Constitution, the American Civil War, WWII, the abolitionist movement, and a host of other events, we always find that white males are leading the charge for freedom. 

It is not by accident that the evil Globalists, who are themselves comprised primarily of white males, would seek to ensure that this ethnic group is kept in check. 

They have enlisted the aid of evil white communists at the local level to further their designs.  They try to enlist the aid of other minority groups, but they have not had as much success as they would have liked. 

The power of manufactured groups like Black Lives Matter is beginning to wane.

It seems that when evil white people tell other ethnicities to hate virtuous white people, they themselves get caught in the crossfire.

If there was ever a time to be ‘racist,’ even though the term is nonsensical, the ire of society should be directed at the evil Globalists and their cronies, the evil white communists.  All these people are inferior to the rest of us because they evolved from monkeys.

If you don’t believe it, just ask them.

There is no more demoralizing ideology that has been directed at humanity than the pseudo-science of evolution.  Those who are bent on evil would love to convince humanity that their lives are meaningless and disposable. 

We call that spiritual demoralization.

Evolution is based on the idea that everything exists by random chance rather than due to being created by God.  In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  Satan needed an avenue by which to challenge that assertion. 

And his retort has met with great success among sinful humanity. 

Currently, most of humanity labors under the false notion that their existence is merely an irrelevant accident.  This understanding renders love, truth, and righteousness unworthy of pursuit and, when this happens, all standards of Godly conduct can easily be wiped away. 

Satan understands that he needs to separate humanity from the Word of God.  When he is successful, we have no protection against a being that is far more intelligent than we are. 

This leaves us at the mercy of his minions.

Once the Word of God is abandoned by a society, it becomes much easier to change the order that God has created.  No where is this more obvious than in the area of sexuality.

The Word of God states that man was made ‘male and female.’  Satan and his minions have now been able to convince a large number of people that gender is fluid.

This lack of faith has given rise to the Satanic LGBT which has convinced the bulk of the world that homosexuality is moral.  Even though God was very clear that we were not to lie with a man as one lies with a woman, as this act is detestable in his sight, sinful humanity has fallen so far as to call this ‘love.’

Since the church has, for the most part, failed to call ‘homosexuals’ to repent, this sin has metastasized into ‘gay marriage,’ the sexual mutilation of children and the creation of ‘trans-athletes.’ 

If these atrocities do not demoralize society, nothing will.

The Globalists have been able to get their people into power and ensure that evil is never punished.  Instead, they can ensure that those who stand against it lose their livelihood, are sued for obscene amounts of money, and will likely be incarcerated in the very near future. 

All they need is a few high-profile attacks on ‘the rebels’ attempting to maintain some level of dignity and the majority of the rest of the population acquiesces to the new evil.  When a population is lacking in faith, it easily succumbs to wickedness.

There is no question that the entire entertainment industry is being controlled by the evil Globalists.  The rot that they are putting out is designed to demoralize those rebels who possess any level of masculinity.

Even though they are losing billions of dollars, they are completely devoted to the vision of the anointed (a little Tomas Sowell lingo there). 

Many of us are in awe of Hollywood and Disney as they continue to distribute complete trash, imbued with their godless ‘message,’ even though it will most certainly destroy their industry.

It is my opinion that the evil Globalists have a stranglehold on the entertainment industry and are perfectly content to see it destroyed.  Their objective is to demoralize society so they will, quite naturally, demand that the entertainment industry distribute garbage or cease to exist.

The evil Globalists are not the least bit interested in our being entertained.

Many have noticed that our businesses are no longer dedicated to serving their customers or their shareholders.  They are now in the business of molding society to the whims of the evil Globalists.

With Bud Light employing a deviant to represent their beer, or Target outraging its customers, even at Christmas time, by selling various perverse items, most companies are now more interested in selling ‘social justice’ rather than their product. 

These corporations are no longer selling a product, they are dedicated to demoralizing the rebels of society. 

The evil Globalists have been able to purchase or intimidate most of our politicians and eliminate those who are in opposition to their agenda.  They can then implement various demonic ideologies such as DEI, Critical Race Theory and a host of other destructive philosophies to break down society.

It seems that the evil Globalists want us to view rapists and murderers as victims of society and punish those who have been deemed ‘right wing extremists.’  Of course, the right-wing extremists are the good guys which is why they need to be silenced, destroyed financially, incarcerated, or killed.

The evil Globalists are fully aware that allowing criminals free reign to run amok in society demoralizes everyone so that they are more amenable to totalitarian control. 

In order to demoralize men so they do not take a strong stand against them, the demonic have attacked them with accusations of ‘toxic masculinity’ or ‘mansplaining.’  The last thing that the evil Globalists want are men who will stand against their evil designs. 

At this point in human history, the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth in their wickedness.  Satan, his evil Globalist minions, the evil white communists and all who capitulate to their idiocy are fully aware that God has made his word plain to them. 

Since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen and understood by what God has made.

So all men are without excuse.

Even though the evil Globalists now control all major press outlets and the media apparatus of the world, they only have the power that we give them.  We do not have to capitulate or accept their sick reversal of God’s order.

When they claim that those who tell the truth are engaging in ‘disinformation,’ they should be ridiculed for their foolishness.  When they employ ‘fact checkers’ to distort the truth, these people should be given no credibility whatsoever.

And the parents of our youth need to make sure that these people are not able to pervert the next generation with their godlessness. 

Whenever you are feeling demoralized due to cultural rot, it is safest to assume that this is ultimately being perpetrated by the evil Globalists and their minions. 

Each of the above events is a demoralization campaign against the law-abiding and decent people of this country, and the world.  It is designed to break our will and cause us to either capitulate, join them, or face the judicial system. 

The only way to beat this campaign is through the proclamation of the Gospel. 

However, the deconstruction of the Gospel is the very heart of the evil Globalists strategy for world domination.  The Gospel is the greatest gift the world will ever receive.  Unfortunately, it has been trampled underfoot by those who are supposed to proclaim it.

Most of our pastors are clearly ashamed of it.    

The Gospel is being adjusted by deviant ‘pastors,’ and a pope, in their sick attempt to remold it into social justice.  It was our job to treasure the Gospel and ensure that it was never tarnished by the mindless idiocy of Satan and his minions.

We are failing.

We knew this would be the case since Jesus did inform us that the true church of the last days would have little strength.  As depressing as that is, we are still under orders to patiently endure until he comes for us.

We will probably lose every cultural battle from this time to the rapture.  The good news is that Christ has already won the war.

In the face of extreme demoralization, it is incumbent upon Christians to stand firmly on the Gospel. 

We are in the midst of a demoralization campaign the likes of which the world has never seen.  It is going to continue until the rapture of the church. 

The lack of faith among those of us in Western Civilization has allowed this to happen.  Many of us have refused to stand on the Gospel and have wandered off into myths. 

The world is now under the judgment of God and the Day of the Lord is fast approaching. 

To those Christians who are left, our orders are clear:

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.  Do everything in love (I Corinthians 16:13).
                                                                         March 1, 2024

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