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Globalist Metaphysics

It may be a good idea to begin examining the spiritual condition of our Globalist overlords before they begin running the planet. 

If we analyze their view of the afterlife, that might give us greater insight into the plans that they have for the rest of us. 

According to an article by ‘the Expose,’ Klaus Schwab has proclaimed that “Your Avatar will live after you die and your brains will be replicated with algorithms.”

Apparently, we do not have a spirit or soul so there is no need to worry about the condition of either of these entities. 

Klaus went on to clarify to the unwashed masses that their avatar will continue to live on and that their brains will be replicated through artificial intelligence.  The evil Globalists view the minds of humanity as nothing more than a cluster of neurons that can be aped and then coded into a computer. 

The prophet Daniel seemed to have a different view of our spiritual condition.

Daniel prophesied that “Multitudes that sleep in the dust of the earth will awake; some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. 

Sounds like he believed in the concepts of heaven and hell. 

So, who do we believe, Klaus or a prophet from God?  Something tells me that Klaus will eventually win the day in this Godless and faithless generation.

Here we are introduced to the theology of the evil Globalists regarding their view of the afterlife.  They apparently are not too anxious to awake to everlasting contempt so they have devised a strategy to thwart the will of God.

They are going to download themselves and their minions into a video game. 

Instead of being thrown in hell to await the lake of fire, Klaus seems to believe that his soul can be inserted into a Super Mario RPG (Role Playing Game).  After his mind is transferred to Mario-world, instead of going to hell, he will be transported through a mysterious pipe into a magical new domain. 

There he will explore the Mushroom Kingdom, ruled by the lovely and gracious Princess Peach, where he will attempt to defeat the evil Koopa king Bowser. 

And these are the kinds of incompetent boobs who have ambitions of controlling the world. 

Klaus Schwab founded the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2012.  He wanted to bring people under thirty together and brainwash them to become future leaders of the WEF.

Klaus chose people under thirty because, once they reach this age, they must be terminated in a quasi-religious ceremony called ‘the Carrousel.’   Those who try to escape their fate are tracked down by the Sandmen and put to death. 

OK… I made that part up.

However, their worldview is not unlike a really bad rendition of the dystopian film ‘Logans Run.’  The only difference is those who figure out what the evil Globalists are up to, and rebel, will be the ones hunted down and put to death. 

As we gain greater insight into the minds of the evil Globalists, we find that these people are outrageously stupid and therefore incapable of rational thought.  They are also driven solely by paganism. 

They seem to have a lot in common with Scientologists.

It is possible that they have adopted many of the assertions of Scientology.  It does appear as if the brains of the evil Globalists have been traumatized.  In fact, it has reached a point that their minds appear to have become so clouded they are incapable of experiencing reality. 

It will not be long before our autocrats begin to proclaim the idea that seventy-five million years ago there was a galactic federation of planets which was ruled over by the evil king Xemu.  And all our problems are caused, not by sin, but by the infestation of aliens in the bodies of our prehistoric ancestors.

If you would like more information on this theology, South Park has an excellent documentary cataloguing the beliefs of this cult. 

Klaus, who is old enough to remember the Third Reich, has decided to improve upon the Fuhrers idea of the ‘Hitler Youth.’  He calls his new cult the “Forum of Young Global Leaders.”

It is his intention to create a “dynamic community with exceptional vision, courage, and influence to drive positive change in the world.” 

In 1933, Adolf began educating and training male youth in Nazi principles.  By 1935, he had indoctrinated about sixty percent of German boys. 

Let’s see, Klaus was born in 1938 so he would have been about seven years old just prior to Hitler’s suicide.  He must have been awful disappointed that this prestigious group was disbanded before he had the opportunity to join.

Be that as it may, the primary goal of this austere consortium is to drive public-private cooperation to work in the global public interest. 

I wonder how he knows what the “global public interest’ is.  He really does not seem all that smart.

Maybe he intends to impose the ‘global public interest’ on the rest of us by fiat. 

If I did not know any better, I would swear that the evil Globalists plan to use the mainstream media to censor any opinion that is out of line with the ‘global public interest.’  The government will not censor the truth themselves, they will force private corporations to do that for them.

Now that is what real Fascism looks like.  This explains why the left called the good guys fascists for so many years.  They knew they would need to blunt the fact that they are the real fascists.  They correctly calculated that this would protect them from this accurate indictment of their character. 

The next time you hear a left-wing kook cry ‘fascist,’ you will know he is talking about himself. 

So, if the government wants to use the populace as Guinea pigs for a dangerous experimental vaccine, that will make a lot of Globalists even richer, then outlets like Facebook, Google, and YouTube will see to it that alternative voices are not heard. 

Because that is in the ‘global public interest.’

When Klaus presented his video game fantasy to his global shapers, they clapped and laughed nervously like the pathetic little drones that they are.  Apparently, they were confused by the cognitive dissonance created when their Fuhrer made such an idiotic prediction.

Not long after this speech, Klaus began working with Accenture and Microsoft to help him realize his utopian dream.  They are to develop ‘Metaverse’ technologies that will offer people the opportunity to see, understand, and imagine our world in a whole new way. 

Yeah, that doesn’t sound scary at all.

The evil Globalists have been able to accumulate billions of dollars from insider trading and other malfeasance so they have the wealth to force their utopia on the rest of us. 

Business executives, government officials and civil society leaders will come together to define and build an economically viable, interoperable, safe, equitable, and inclusive Metaverse. 

This is another way of saying they will create one giant, fascist hellhole. 

They will create a new ‘global village’ or “Global Collaboration Village,” so that we can all connect, virtually, regardless of where we are physically around the world. 

Instead of spending actual time with our loved ones, we will be able to enjoy virtual hugs when we have our virtual family reunions.

The global village will be a creative place to imagine alternative futures, like living in fifteen-minute cities or eating bugs instead of beef.  As long as everybody plays ball and does what they are told, we will be able to experience a virtual reality so that we do not pollute the one that currently exists.

Imagine, instead of diving into a real ocean, you can dive into a virtual ocean.  In this way, an ocean, along with its wildlife, will be safe from pollutants like you. 

Now doesn’t that sound just Jim Dandy.

The ‘metaverse’ and ‘cyberspace’ are essentially the same thing.  Instead of living in reality, we can experience the world virtually from our own home. 

The very home that will become our prison.

So how exactly do we get into the metaverse?

All we have to do download an app into our phones and create an account.  After that, we can download the virtual reality applications of our choice.  Finally, just choose the platform and we can become a part of virtual reality. 

If you want to go on a date with an attractive person, download the app and have at it.  The avatar you create will be completely compliant and will behave as if you are the most awesome person in the world.

If you want to go on vacation in the Caribbean, download the app and you will be swimming with the fishes in no time.  You can even take your virtual love interest with you for a romantic weekend. 

If you think this sounds great, then congratulations, you are completely deluded and at the mercy of the evil Globalists.  You will joyfully submit to their brave new world and live a fruitless life of contentment and serenity. 

At least that is the bill of goods that will be sold to you.

It is projected that over the next ten years, the metaverse will become an immersive and interconnected virtual world.  It will blur the lines between the virtual and physical world.  It is a place where people can seamlessly interact, work, play and explore virtual environments.

And you thought cell phones were stunting your child’s emotional growth.

The view of the afterlife offered by the evil Globalists does not require repentance of sins, a savior who died for our sins, or a loving God with whom we will spend eternity.

All one must do is turn one’s soul over to the evil Globalists and they will put you in a video game where you can spend your life trying to rescue Princess Peach.  To add a little adventure, you can dodge the barrels that a big gorilla throws at you.

And possibly, in the process, accumulate a million virtual coins that you can spend on all kinds of virtual stuff.

Maybe that is what Klaus meant when he said you will own nothing and be happy.

The apostle Paul did warn us to have nothing to do with silly myths.  Instead, we should train ourselves to be Godly.

There is not much Godliness to be had trying to rescue Princess Peach. 

The evil Globalists have discovered that they are unable to solve the mysteries of life any more than the philosophers, psychologists, and false religionists who have rambled mindlessly throughout history. 

Humanistic beliefs can never answer the riddle of death. 

Not one of the Godless have been able to explain to us what happens when we die. 

The Muslims are offering 72 virgins (to the men, Muslim women apparently just do the laundry for all eternity), the Hindus will teach you to become one with the mystical force they call Brahma, and the atheists will insist you will become worm food so get used to living a meaningless existence. 

They do not have the ability to explain to us the value of their belief system after we draw our last breath.

It is Christ who holds the keys of death and Hades.  It is our faith in His sacrifice on the cross for our sins that allows us to enter His presence for all of eternity.

If you think you are going to bypass hell through the avenue of Super Mario or some other RPG, you will not do well at the Great White Throne judgment.

But you will join death and Hades in the Lake of Fire.                                                                   May 10, 2024


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