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See To It That No One Deceives You

According to an article by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., there is a war for the minds of all of humanity. 

He has asserted that governments, the mainstream media and nonprofits, which are legion, are part of a “vast censorship network” that suppressed non-establishment perspectives on the flu bug hysteria and a wide range of other topics. 

We read about this “vast censorship network” in the Book of Romans.  We were warned about that one period in history when the wrath of God would be revealed against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness.

The world is experiencing more severe judgments from God due to our lack of faith in conjunction with the suppression of the truth.  The “vast censorship network” has seen to it that the increasing depravity of society remains hidden, or is presented in a positive light, as much as possible.

When the LGBT becomes a powerful political force in a society, that is a severe judgment from God.  When the Supreme Court upholds the insanity of ‘gay marriage,’ that is an even more severe judgment from God.

When sexually mutilating naïve children becomes lucrative business, that is a terrible judgment from God.  The judgment of God has advanced to increasingly extreme levels and very few seem to realize it.

God withdraws from a society that has very little faith.  He then leaves it at the mercy of the Godless and wicked who delight in causing us to wallow in our own decadence. 

The heathen are beginning to take a stand against the Lord and his anointed One.

The Day of the Lord must not be far away.

God stands at the narrow gate and Satan at the wide gate.  God beckons us in with the promise of redemption through the blood of his Son shed on the cross for our sins. 

There is no question that Jesus died for our sins.  Unfortunately, most churchgoers would rather hear about how to have their best life now, how to find their purpose, or to enjoy immersing ourselves in the self-righteousness of social justice. 

The vast majority of people in this country support the LGBT in opposition to the word of God.  They hang posters and attend parades that celebrate ‘Pride month.’  Then they look with horror as their children are taken from them and ‘transitioned’ to another sex in the name of the perverse sexuality that they support. 

In the NFL, the most prominent coaches and players wear shirts promoting the evil of social justice.  They seem to have absolutely no concern that calling people ‘racists’ constitutes bearing false witness and is a terrible sin in the eyes of God.

I really don’t see the attraction of entering through the wide gate into the abyss. 

All the while, most of our churches are dead or in deep sleep.

We were warned two thousand years ago to see to it that no one deceives us.  It is not possible to deceive those who build on the rock of the Gospel.  As for those who failed to do this, they will be tossed about by every wind of doctrine to their eternal destruction. 

The purpose of Nevradakis’s article was to deal with deception that is being handed down to our public health agencies.  These agencies have been corrupted by our governments, which, in turn, have been corrupted by the evil Globalists. 

The evil Globalists now exercise great control over our entertainment industry, our news media, our businesses, and every other aspect of our lives that allow us freedom, prosperity, and just basic survival.

It is an incredible commentary on sinful humanity that so many would prefer to live on bread alone while disdaining every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Journalist Lara Logan, who actually takes her journalistic profession seriously, told a panel of U.S. experts, “These are the worst of times for the media in this country…We live in the age of information warfare, where propaganda is not simply a weapon, it is the entire field of battle…This is a war for our minds.”

And it has been exacerbated by advanced technology.  The evil Globalists can now create a world where only their sick worldview is promoted and the truth is subverted. 

Although the advanced technology is impressive, those who are deceived by it are still willingly misled.  One must choose to be misled when obvious propaganda so powerfully conflicts with reality. 

Our offenses are many in the sight of God and our sins testify against us.  Our culture has engaged in rebellion and treachery against the Lord.  Our leaders, that we vote for, have fomented oppression and revolt while uttering lies their hearts have conceived.

There is no question that justice has been driven back, that righteousness stands at a distance, that truth has stumbled in the streets and honesty cannot enter.

We are inundated with LGBT propaganda, transgender propaganda, social justice propaganda, climate crisis propaganda and a host of other silly ideologies.  These are the dominant ideologies, which are loved by the world, that no one over twelve should be influenced by. 

And certainly no Christian should ever be deceived by them.

The truth of God is still being revealed but it is being ignored because it comes from a source that, by worldly standards, is weak and powerless.  Truth has fallen into disrepute and is no longer the mainstream. 

Unfortunately, sinful humanity is more awed by wealth and power than by the truth. 

The best example of this fact is the pope.  The ‘holy father’ is so obviously a reprobate that it is beyond dispute.  However, anyone who dares to point this out is meant with apathy or derision.

After all, he is the ruler of all Christianity and we are just malcontents nipping at his heels.

According to Logan, “The media is collaborating with government agencies and operatives to censor and shape the information battlefield to justify certain actions.” 

She points out that when Biden and the (Godless) Democrats initiate policies, they do so through censorship and intimidation.”  They are not interested in winning the hearts and minds of the American people because they cannot do that through reason. 

They need intimidation.

They attempt to stoke anger and hostility among their brain-dead voters in order to create a type of Stasi that will work to silence resistance to their public initiatives at the local level. 

Logan rightly accuses a network of nonprofit organizations of stifling free speech which contributes to “information warfare.”  Information warfare is nothing more than falsehoods attempt to subvert the truth.

She warns:

“For too long we have allowed nonprofit organizations to masquerade as watchdogs when in fact they are little more than highly paid political assassins whose entire reason for being is to crush anyone who stands in their way…”

At this point, it should be a matter of common sense that any organization that claims to be a fact checker, claims to monitor disinformation and misinformation, or any other similar type of NGO is a paid liar for the evil Globalists. 

There is no excuse for being influenced by these people.

The United States has a first amendment which protects Christians and free speech.  What the evil Globalists have discovered is that if they control all sources of information, and degrade our culture, then they can render our first amendment useless.

Of course, this lesson has been learned by tyrants over the last six thousand years. 

In many of our churches, the goats joyfully give of their wages to a pastor who then preaches pure rubbish.  In the same way, our own censorship is being paid for by taxpayers when our corrupt government passes omnibus spending bills.

According to Logan, these spending bills contain cutouts for NGO’s (nongovernmental organizations) to censor, silence, intimidate and punish us. 

Logan calls these initiatives “a death sentence for journalists.”   From the Christian perspective, this spending is a death sentence for the first amendment.

And, ultimately, a death sentence for people of faith. 

The apostle Peter once said that “Judgment begins in the house of God.”  It is amazing how the silence in our churches is directly related to the increasing wickedness of our governments. 

The two go hand in hand.

The article quotes Jason Christoff, a ‘self-sabotage’ coach who hosts “The Psychology of Freedom” podcast, who stated, “He who controls the environment in which a human resides controls perceptions, beliefs and behaviors of that human.” 

However, God has not yet provided the evil Globalists the kind of power that is necessary to snuff out all truth.  There will always be those who will share God’s word so that all men are without excuse for being deceived. 

Even during the Tribulation there will be a 144,000 who will proclaim the word of God. 

Mr. Christoff interestingly points out, “Today’s censorship is weaponized to define and create an inverted and extremely dark reality inside which no human can ever be happy, healthy, or prosperous.

So, the evil Globalists attacking human sexuality, our civil rights, our food supply, our medical profession, our entertainment industry, and our cultures is no accident.  It is an effort to ensure that no human being, other than themselves and their minions, are ever happy, healthy, or prosperous. 

According to Christoff, he does not know who is pulling the strings on all this but it goes well above the government. 

I’m not sure why that is so hard to figure out.  The culprits are telling us who they are every chance they get.

According to Mattias Desmet, Ph.D., when he examined the response to the flu bug hysteria, he surmised:

“We are witnessing… the emergence of a fully-fledged totalitarian system in our society.” And its effects on the population were akin to a “hypnotic state.”

He further stated (my conclusions in parentheses), “You need two things for a totalitarian system.  On the one hand, you need an elite (ex. The evil Globalists) that excessively and relentlessly uses propaganda to keep control over a population.  And then you need a part of the population, 20-30% usually (those who we term politically as ‘liberals’), to go along with the propaganda and to buy fanatically into the narrative.”

This really should not be a mystery since the evil Globalists have made it clear that they are the ones behind the misery that has been created.  I will never understand why humanity will not simply take these people at their word. 

If a Muslim threatens to kill you if you do not accept his religion, your first thought should be “uh, oh, that guy is going to kill me if I do not accept his religion.”  If your first thought is, “Gee, I sure am a racist for being scared of that guy,” you are likely a liberal and a Godless Democrat. 

In other words, you are a deluded moron and deserve whatever that kook does to you. 

One of Satan’s most amazing tricks is to teach faithless humanity to fear the truth and cling desperately to falsehood. 

During the flu bug hysteria, we were taught to social distance, wear a mask, stay six feet apart, take a dangerous experimental vaccine, and remain in our homes.  The majority of the entire world clung to these falsehoods. 

When people were told to take zinc, get fresh air and sunlight, exercise, ask your doctor about hydroxychloroquine, or rely on herd immunity, they were taught this was the dangerous approach to the virus. 

Those who used common sense and clung to real science were accused of “putting their communities at risk.”  The Godless Democrats even went so far as to accuse them of being murderers if they did not submit to their ridiculous demands.

All our ‘mainstream media’ were parroting the talking points of the pharmaceutical industry rather than telling us the truth.  The American people, and the world, were sold snake oil rather than real cures for the virus. 

Dr. Desmit popularized the term “mass formation” to describe how easy it was to deceive the public to believe Big Pharma’s lies. 

C-19 was nothing more than a mass hysteria event.

In Biblical terms, this was a prelude to the great delusion that God will send upon the world as punishment for its faithlessness.

The secret power of lawlessness is hard at work.  It is being displayed in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing.

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

For those who want to rely on ‘science’ to save you, keep in mind that it is nearly impossible for real experts to publish data that goes against the national public health narrative.  As is pointed out in the article, if doctors cannot publish the data, they cannot find solutions. 

The evil Globalists are the ones that will tell us what ‘science’ we are to believe and it will not be based on rigorous research.  The ‘science’ that they advocate for directly correlates with that which makes them even richer and more powerful. 

The information that is passing for science in this time of deception is nothing more than superstition.

Any journalist who dares to tell the truth is in danger have having his life destroyed. 

Logan stated, “For almost a decade, I have been targeted and falsely branded and accused of many things I did not do.”  The evil Globalists and their minions are experts at bearing false witness against their enemies in their malicious effort to destroy them.

She stated that they have attacked her work, her character, her sanity, and her marriage.

And she is not alone.

The article concludes with Swiss lawyer Philipp Kruse warning of the World Heath Organizations (WHO) proposed “pandemic agreement.”  This agreement, along with its various amendments, will increase censorship globally.

WHO will be granted “the global supreme authority to define truth and science and to eliminate free speech and the free exchange of information under the title of ‘misinformation.’”

It is amazing to me that there are still Christians who piddle around and claim that everything that we are seeing is nothing new. 

We are literally watching a totalitarian world government, that was clearly predicted in Scripture, form before our eyes and they are failing to warn their congregations.

What part of “Keep watch” do they not understand?

All our shepherds know that the bridegroom is coming.  Some of them brought extra oil for their lamps but many have not. 

They have all become drowsy and fallen asleep.

Fortunately, the midnight cry is about to ring out and all will awaken from their slumber.  Those shepherds who are wise will trim their lamps and prepare to meet the bridegroom.

The foolish virgins, who spent their ministry as waterless clouds, carried about by every wind of doctrine, will be rebuked by the Lord.

They will hear the most awful condemnation that the Lord can deliver. 

“I tell you the truth, I don’t know you.”

As for those pastors who have sufficient oil, they really need to start taking their responsibility of being a watchman seriously.  They should be on the front lines pointing out deception and the nearness of the hour of the Lord’s return.

I would be a little embarrassed if I stood before the Lord, as a pastor of Christ’s church, having failed to warn of the obvious signs of the times. 
                                                                         June 07, 2024                                            

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