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The Future of Roman Catholicism (Part IV)

As Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to him and asked, “what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age? The first thing that Jesus responded was that we see to it that ‘no one’ leads us astray. In the last days of the church age, and the end times events surrounding the nation of Israel, ‘deceivers’ will be running rampant.

Paul warned Timothy that in the last days of the church age that ‘evil men’ and ‘imposters’ will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. Daniel concurred with this assessment and pointed out that this evil would extend into the end times. Even as God’s judgment falls upon them, the wicked will continue to be wicked until Christ returns.

The deception will not only be secular as the Globalists will be lying incessantly about their intentions. The deceit will also be religious in nature and will revolve around the Christian faith. False prophets will not be showing up claiming to be Muhammad or Krishna, they will be claiming to be Jesus himself. The people being persecuted will not be Hindus or Scientologists, they will be those who stand firm on their faith in Christ.

The Jesuits have 400 years of practice regarding how to degrade a society so that it is more amenable to the power of Rome. They are using this knowledge to advise the Globalists on how to achieve their totalitarian designs. They are experts at creating fear and confusion. The Globalists, who are actually fairly buffoonish, have learned well from their lovers as every tyrannical strategy the papacy has attempted in the past is coming to fruition.

The Jesuits are the brains of this outfit, and the Globalists are the muscle. Their strategy is to search the world for deviant ideologies that they can latch onto and then try to inculcate into a targeted society. They are extremely adept at identifying destructive ideologies that, if they can find a way to infuse into an unsuspecting society, creates misery and insecurity. As the populace cries out for peace and security, the pope is waiting for them with open arms.

As will be shown, the Jesuits have so weakened the faith of the American people, and Western civilization for that matter, that the majority are no longer capable of sound judgment. There is a positive correlation, as with all humankind, between our lack of faith and our ability to reason properly. This has occurred because deviant ideologies have been infiltrated into our society and allowed to blossom.

In his wrath against the faithlessness of the country, God has turned this once Christian nation over to a reprobate mind so that its government is incapable of resisting deviant ideologies. Politicians who possess an acute inability to make wise decisions or show discernment have found these qualities to be a resume enhancement for a huge portion of the voting population.

There is an incredible lack of discernment among the American population due to its lack of faith. The LGBT does not work for the good of humanity. There is no such thing as gay marriage or a ‘transgender’. Sexual mutilation does not improve the mental or emotional state of children. Abortion is ritualistic child sacrifice. The only ‘racists’ running around are Democrats making false accusations against their political opponents. The ethnicity of a criminal is completely irrelevant. ‘Climate change’ is a laughable hoax.

Is the pope standing up against any of this evil, or is he participating in it?

This is the kind of foolishness that brings down the judgment of God on a wicked and rebellious generation. Each of these atrocities stem from our lack of faith and lead to misery and confusion.

The faithless have been allowed to suppress the truth so that the next generation will be deceived by their deviant ideologies. These deviant ideologies have already been embraced by 30% of the population, which is an unofficial estimate of the number of hard-core liberals in the country. These people have no faith or moral fortitude in that they cannot discern truth from falsehood or right from wrong. With this foothold in the nation, the purveyors of foolishness, with a great deal of wealth behind them, intend to indoctrinate the children of the other 70%.

This deception is not only being perpetrated in America, it is also occurring worldwide. The Vatican, which is the most powerful religious institution on the planet, is even now spreading the gospel of ‘climate change’ to a hopelessly deluded world. Once this indoctrination is complete, it will be your Chrisitan duty to comply with their environmental dictates, losing your freedom and your soul, the deeper you are drawn into their deceit.

There is a Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano who has brought some of the more obvious evil of the Globalists to our attention. He has even taken this pope and his church to task for its participation in this malevolence. However, he has failed to mention the role that the Jesuits, who now rule his church, are playing in this evil. He has also failed to call his own church to account for its spiritual deception and false doctrine. Therefore, his motives are suspect.

This spiritual indoctrination into the absurd has already been put into motion through Pope Francis ‘Encyclical Letter Laudato Si.’ In this letter he effortlessly weaves in paganism with a veneer of Christianity that has already duped a large percentage of the faithless masses. I am not aware of anyone who has called him to account for the blatant paganism and false doctrine in this document.

What he has laid out is the spiritual foundation of the totalitarian ideology of ‘Sustainable Development.’

He begins his letter by quoting the pagan nonsense of St. Francis of Assisi when he reminds us that our common home (the Earth) is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us.” Who talks like this? Certainly not a Christian who intends to share the Gospel and call sinners to repentance in the name of Jesus.

Pope Francis goes on to claim that, when we enjoy the fruits of our labor, we are inflicting harm on the earth. The Protestant Work Ethic results in the “irresponsible use and abuse of the good with which God has endowed us.” Those who follow this ethic are engaged in mortal sins against the earth.

In case anyone has any doubts, this is what a counter-reformation looks like.

He then proceeds to rip scriptural verses out of context in a manner that would make Rick Warren blush with envy. He claims that the earth “groans in travail,” not because of sins like murder, paganism, or adultery, but because we foolishly see ourselves as lords and masters who are entitled to “plunder” the earth at will.

After making these utterly ludicrous points, the pope moves on to alter the mission of the church. He falsely claims that we are faced with “global environmental deterioration” and therefore the church needs a new gospel. In his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudius, he claims that the church needs an “ongoing missionary renewal.”

In all his pagan madness, the pope has claimed that there is an urgent need for a radical change in the conduct of humanity. Apparently, there is too much consuming going on out there. He then issues the call for a ‘global ecological conversion’ in which there must be radical changes in lifestyle models of production and consumption.

The fact that anyone is seduced by this demonstrates the power of God when he withdraws from a civilization. This new global ecological conversion is going to necessitate the impoverishment of the bulk of humanity. This is only enticing to those whose reason is not guided by their faith. Those who are seduced by this foolishness are indeed deluded morons.

They have been deluded by God himself.

The new gospel that the pope is advocating is that we repent of the ways that we have harmed the planet. Since Jesus is not invoked in this new gospel (although given scant mention), we must assume that he has been replaced by a new god. We are apparently now required to repent (but not be forgiven) of our ecological sins in the name of Gaia.

According to the pope, there are numerous heathen scientists, philosophers, theologians and civic groups who have enriched the church’s thinking on this new gospel. They have taught the Roman church, and the dead and Laodicean churches, that when humanity dares to follow God’s first law to subdue the earth and rule over the animals, it is actually sinning against both itself and God.

I’m surprised the pagan pope did not call God to repent.

It is not long before the pope gets to what his expectations are of humanity. As it turns out, we are to live life like ‘Ascetics’ who forgo worldly pleasures. I wonder if one-time presidential candidate and climate activist John Kerry is aware of this new expectation. He has married at least two rich widows and has lived rather sumptuously on the wealth of each.

I guess some people will be more ‘ascetic’ than others.

We must all learn to live joyfully and authentically like Saint Francis of Assisi, who is the patron saint of ecology, and sacrifice for the good of nature. Since Saint Francis is beloved even by non-Christians, as pope Francis reminds us, his credentials are impeccable and his behavior must be emulated.

According to the pope, “He was a mystic and a pilgrim who lived in simplicity and in wonderful harmony with God, with others, with nature and with himself. His poverty and austerity were not simply a veneer of ascetism, it was a refusal to turn reality into an object simply to be used and controlled.”

This sounds absolutely delightful. I wonder why the pope is not living a life of ascetism.

The Jesuits like to talk about living in poverty and serving the poor, but that is the last thing on their minds. When they enslaved the Guarani Indians, they made them live in poverty while they lived lavishly on the riches that they produced. The pope talks of his love of the poor, but he has no intention of trying to help them.

The pope loves the poor because they are easy to control. And he wants more of them.

When the Jesuits want to cause discord in society, one of their many strategies is to go after the youth and corrupt them. They facilitate ‘student protests’ that cause havoc on university campuses. This was especially effective in Germany a few hundred years ago when they wanted to cause discord between young Protestants and Catholics. At that time, both groups were living in harmony, while being educated together, before the Jesuits put a stop to that and set them at each other’s throats.

In this modern day, the pope declares that young people demand change. They agonize over the idea that we are building a better future without thinking of the environmental crisis and the sufferings of the excluded.

I wonder who put that crazy idea in their heads.

The pope further laments that change is impossible without motivation and a process of education. He intends to offer the unwashed masses some inspired guidelines for human development based on the treasure of Christian spiritual experience (I hope that is not a euphemism for ‘inquisition).’ In other words, he is going to teach us how to live like John the Baptist and survive on a diet of locusts and wild honey. We will own nothing and we will be happy, or else.

In order to achieve this noble goal, we will need to eliminate everything that causes pollution. We must eliminate all modes of transportation, industry, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and every other toxin that contributes to our prosperity.

We especially need to get rid of insecticides since bugs are what we will be dining on once this new utopia is in place.

In order to realize this grand vision of ‘the Holy Father,” the idea of ‘civil rights’ must be vanquished. We are told that the human environment and the natural environment deteriorate together. If people are allowed the freedom to live their lives without strict oversight by their masters, the poor will always be the hardest hit. If we can successfully eliminate civil rights, we will “come to realize that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach.”

That last quote is actually much scarier than it sounds.

The ’environment’ takes precedence over all other considerations. Once we stamp out our extreme and selective consumerism, we will begin to “hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.” Those who believe they have the right to consume in a way in which can never be “universalized” are not worthy of civil rights.

I guess socialism really does work after all. And it is our spiritual duty to embrace it.

So what are the fruits of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) that the pope claims is crucial in “recovering and respecting the rhythms inscribed by nature by the hand of the creator?” How can we ensure that “human life is grounded in three closely intertwined relationships: with God, with our neighbor and with the earth itself?” The answer to these questions is imperative since, when this relationship is ruptured, that is sin.

(Yes, I realize those two questions above were completely nonsensical idiotic and unbiblical. But so is the entire text of Laudato Si).

We need only look to Sri Lanka to observe the fruits of this spirituality. Sri Lanka is currently in a last-ditch effort to stave off economic collapse after a ban on artificial fertilizers devasted the country’s largest industry. This country is now racked with poverty, inflation and fuel shortages on a massive scale. The nation is now bankrupt.

According to the pope, they are now free to partake of the joy of ascetism.

What the pope has advocated in the name of God is pure evil. The truth of this has been suppressed which allows this kind of mindless idiocy to persist and infect the next generation.

Even though the Globalists own all the major media outlets, there is no excuse for the truth to be suppressed in the pulpits. However, if climate change, or any ideology associated with it, is being preached in most of our pulpits instead of the Gospel, then God will allow evil to stifle the truth as an act of judgment against us.

The popes and their Jesuits have always fought against freedom of the press (and all civil rights for that matter). The primary reason for this is to ensure that their evil is never exposed on a wide scale. There are few things more loathsome to the papacy than the first amendment to the American constitution. However, now that all major media outlets are owned by the evil Globalists, and they are allied with them, ‘a free press’ is much more to their liking.

Are there any press outlets, other than Tucker Carlson, alerting people that climate change is a hoax or that it devastates economies? Have you noticed that he is always under fire?

The purpose of the media was to hold the powerful accountable to the powerless and keep us informed as to what they were up to. Their mission has been altered and now it is to suppress the truth to ensure that the Globalists’ agenda is never revealed. And, when it is revealed, the media is tasked with ensuring that it is always portrayed in a positive light.

Like the Antichrist himself, all major media outlets will cause deceit to prosper until they are dealt with by God.

If history does repeat itself over the next decade, we can expect the spiritual deceptions of old to be repackaged for the modern day. The new packaging will come in the form of ‘climate change.’

The first thing deceivers attempt do is make themselves appear ‘smart’ and try to make their opponents look ‘stupid.’ This is much easier to do when all media is controlled and manipulated to misinform the populace.

We now have ‘smart cars’ that look like golf carts and ‘smart cities’ that look like house arrest. They have even perverted the definition of ‘smart’ in order to ensure that people obey the ‘gospel’ of climate change. The Vatican has thrown its religious credibility behind this totalitarian ideology in order to make it appear that it is a religious duty to enslave ourselves. There is nothing smart about that.

Prior to the great persecution of 303-313, the ‘intellectuals’ of the faith led the way by bringing apostasy into the church. Their intellect was used to deceive the population into believing that their theology was the true word of God. They moved the church away from the ‘moralizing’ of the Gospel to the less offensive contemplation of God. This allowed evil to run amok while the ‘contemplators’ quickly compromised to avoid persecution.

Where are the intellectuals of the faith sounding the alarm on the false gospel of climate change?

The history of Roman Catholicism is littered with overintellectualized nonsense. They found that Mary was to be venerated, they created an imaginary place called purgatory, they discovered that the church had the authority to order the death of the heathen and many other false doctrines that they concocted out of their imaginations. They have now latched on to the myth of climate change.

Where are the Ph.D.’s of Christianity who have risen up to debunk this evil and destructive drivel? Perhaps we need a new ‘Gospel Coalition’ who will actually proclaim the Gospel and ensure that false doctrine is not allowed to infect public policy.

At the turn of the last century, modernization was taking over and the basics of the faith were being altered. A fundamentalist movement arose and the intellectuals, who were actually people of faith, attempted to establish the bedrock truths of scripture. They basically concluded that there are five fundamental truths that must be accepted to be considered a Christian. These truths were:

1. The inerrancy of Scripture: There is no other Gospel

2. The virgin birth of Christ: That Jesus is the Son of God

3. The substitutionary atonement of Christ: That Christ died for our sins

4. The bodily resurrection of Christ: That Christ has defeated death

5. The reality of the Miracles of Christ: That Jesus was God in human flesh

The faithful theologians who summarized these great truths are now derided as ignorant ‘Fundamentalists’ by the heathen and there are few people of faith who are willing to defend them.

Yes, that is another example of the counter-reformation.

The modern ‘intellectuals’ of the faith, who are charlatans, will arise again in the last days but this time they will act as if sneering arrogance is one of the fruits of the Spirit. They will taunt the faithful with their ‘wisdom’ in the form of scoffing as they follow their own evil desires. They will demand that people of faith explain “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised?

They will then regale us, like the ‘Christian’ intellectuals of old, with how we need ancient Greek philosophy to help us understand the scriptures. The Bible seems to indicate that their ‘wisdom’ will be used against the doctrine of the second coming of Christ. It seems they intend to employ the Aristotelian method of persuasion by using Logos, Ethos and Pathos to refute any idea that Jesus will ever return.

They will dazzle us with their logic and point out that “Ever since our fathers died, everything has gone on since the beginning of creation.” Since their Logos is correct, they will have established their Ethos and will be seen as trustworthy and competent by the bulk of the citizenry. Their Pathos is designed to provoke ridicule from those who might be persuaded that this Jewish drifter who was murdered two thousand years ago will return to rule the world.

The problem with their argument is that God is patient with us, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. He is waiting for his sons to be revealed.

When the false prophets arise, we can expect false visions to quickly follow. The number of deceptive visions in Roman Catholicism are legion. There will no doubt be visions even greater than those of Medjugorje as apparitions of the ‘Virgin Mary’ will dispense her ‘wisdom’ to the world.

These visions will never glorify Christ or proclaim the Gospel because they are not from the Holy Spirit. Instead, we will be treated to declarations of peace and security if we follow a god who is acceptable to all religions.

The ’Virgin Mary’ is the key to bringing the religions of the world together. Every religion, except Christianity, will joyfully embrace the ‘Mary’ of Roman Catholicism. Her ‘beauty contestant’ declarations of world peace will take on greater gravity as the wars and rumors of wars begin to ramp up over the next decade.

However, she will be the real ‘Bloody Mary’ of the last days. She will revive the false doctrines of old and finish the job, that started after Vatican II, of bringing the religions of the world together. All religions, that is, except for the true faith. It seems that we will get the guillotine as punishment for standing firm in the faith.

Although it is hard to imagine, the Roman church will need to reassert the laughable doctrine of purgatory. This will be necessary to push the idea that everyone (except real Christians) goes to heaven regardless of their faith. There will need to be a ‘purification’ process for those who did not quite measure up to their standards. The Roman church and its pontiff will complete the work of Christ since the Son of God could not quite finish the job of redemption.

According to Roman Catholicism, the sacrifice of Christ on the cross was insufficient to purge away all sins. Only loyalty to Roman Catholicism and various payments to its coffers can accomplish total sanctification.

Because we will refuse to submit to Rome, actual Christians will be accused of various heresies as persecution of the true church begins to increase. However, we will no longer be accused of such things as ‘Manichaeism.’ Their false accusations will need to be updated to carry greater weight.

In all likelihood, the new false accusations of heresy will revolve around ‘racism’ since true Christians, who are ‘narrow minded bigots,’ only believe those with faith in Christ will be saved. After all, “the natural environment and the human environment deteriorate together.” In order to save the environment, terrible sacrifices must be made. Not only must we eliminate prosperity, but we must permanently rid ourselves of ‘racists’ as well.

False accusations of ‘racism’ will probably earn us a place in line at the guillotine.

The ‘Petrine Texts’ will soon be fully asserted in which it will be established fact that Peter was the first pope and the Roman church the only true church. The Roman church will continue to fornicate with the totalitarians of the world to ensure that no one has a problem with this doctrine (or any of their doctrines). Their ‘lovers’ will want to keep them happy by using civil law to ensure that no ‘misinformation’ about their dogma is allowed to be expressed.

Google has almost completely eliminated any critical information about the Roman Catholic Church. That did not happen by chance. And it’s kind of creepy.

Rome has never abandoned the inquisition as it still operates (although not bloody as far as we know) to this day. Anyone who dares to defy the Globalists will quickly find themselves falsely accused and sitting in prison without bail. These prosecutions will be every bit as evil and unjust as those that occurred against the ‘January 6’ protesters. These types of unjust inquisitions were standard faire when the Roman church could exert its power without restraint.

As stated previously, the papacy and their Jesuits have historically been hostile to the idea that citizens have civil rights. Since they stand in the place of God, they can treat the populace in any manner that they choose. They can pilfer our bank accounts, imprison us indefinitely without bail and murder us when it suits their purposes.

They can also use their climate change theology to force the majority of the world into poverty. Poor people (a.k.a. ascetics) are much easier to use and abuse.

The greatest assault on civil rights is being perpetrated by the climate cult and those who fund it. Among their many outrages, they are experimenting with ’15-minute cities’ in which free citizens are not allowed to travel outside of a certain area. The minions of the Globalists are trying to create an electronic monitoring program for their innocent prisoners. Their only crime was to possess the desire to enjoy the fruits of their labor, but this has been deemed illegal by our Globalist overlords. To the Jesuits, freedom is a sin.

It seems that freedom is just not ‘sustainable.’

The word ‘sustainable’ means tightly controlled villages under an authoritarian dictator who will deprive you of your freedom and your civil rights. These cities are called ‘smart cities’ but anyone who goes along willingly is not very bright. There is no question that this is the brainchild of the evil Jesuits who enjoyed great success enslaving the Guarani Indians in Paraguay about 400 years ago.

Free speech is slowly being eroded by ‘hate speech’ laws which should have been ruled unconstitutional as soon as they were proposed. These laws serve no useful purpose to a free society whatsoever. What they do is allow those who are anti-free speech to shut down dialogue that they do not like. These laws are a tool for totalitarians to undermine the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Anyone who even uses the term “hate speech” has no business in a position of power.

This assault on free speech has been exacerbated by the fascist strategy of ‘doxing’ those with whom you disagree. Those who engage in this kind of behavior are evil and they fully understand that their maniacal followers will gladly drop by your house when they know where to find you. This is a dangerous assault on freedom and religion when the minions of the tyrants start threatening our families and destroying our property when they do not approve of our beliefs.

Totalitarians do love their ‘Brownshirts.’

The Globalists and the KGB (formerly the FBI) have almost completely eliminated the right to peacefully assemble to protest our corrupt government in this country. Agencies like the Injustice Department (formerly the DOJ) and the KGB no longer concern themselves with the civil rights of the citizenry. They are owned by the Globalists and their religious advisors.

These agencies infiltrate any group of people who stand up for Godliness or freedom, permeate these groups with paid thugs, cause discord within these groups, and then falsely prosecute its peaceful participants for ‘insurrection.’

We can now expect severe repercussions for protesters who are not controlled by the government.

All civil rights will be removed from Western countries, as they do not exist in most other countries, by using corrupt law enforcement agencies and the judiciary. These corrupt law enforcement agencies will begin by using their ‘Brownshirts’ in the form of mobs to remove our civil rights. Once the citizenry begins to adjust to them, they will form a new ‘Ustashi’ who will engage in unspeakable acts of barbarity against their political opponents.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have laid the groundwork for the new Ustashi, and we will be introduced to them very soon if we continue to resist.

Along with the loss of the right to peacefully assemble, we are also on the verge of losing our freedom of speech if the sham trial of Alex Jones is what the courts have in store for us. The right to traffic in harmless conspiracy theories is protected by the First Amendment.

What were the real monetary damages in this multi-billion dollar ‘lawsuit?’

As for freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms, we already can see where that is headed.

There is actually a real danger that when decent people peacefully assemble to protest our corrupt government, they could end up on the wrong side of a St. Bartholomew Style massacre.

The Globalists, with their control of the banks, now have the ability to steal people’s possessions and destroy their livelihoods if anyone dares to resist them. This will become even easier when there is a digital currency that they control. Like the popes of old (ex. Pope Nicholas I), they believe that they can take your property and your life and you have no standing to oppose their evil and injustice.

In the spirit of truth suppression, we can also expect the Bible to be declared ‘hate speech’ and therefore must be removed from society. This has already been attempted in a number of Western nations but there is still sufficient push back against it. However, this push back will soon be eliminated. Owning a Bible will be declared illegal and will be treated like gun control. We will be ordered to turn them in or face prosecution if we dare to possess one.

The Bible will no longer be necessary when the idea of papal infallibility becomes standard doctrine. There is no need for a Bible if the pope is going to be the only one telling us how to interpret the word of God.

The moguls of Hollywood, not surprisingly, are as depraved as their Globalist masters. Hollywood is so dedicated to the Globalist cult that they are willing to commit financial suicide to keep them happy. Their instructions are apparently to feminize society to make it more amenable to totalitarian control. The Jesuits learned long ago that a feminized society does not have the will to fight for freedom.

There are no longer any male heroes or role models being offered by Hollywood. They are working diligently to feminize male characters and masculinize female characters. This is an extremely unpopular theme that is costing them billions of dollars in lost revenue. However, they will continue to put out this product even if it bankrupts them because they are zealously dedicated to the plans of the Globalists.

In keeping with what they learned through their Reductions of Paraguay, a surveillance society is being created to eliminate any kind of privacy. Where there is privacy, there is the potential for disobedience. Where the Gospel was of first importance to Paul, obedience is of first importance to the Jesuits and the Roman church. And it always will be.

‘Saint ‘Thomas Aquinas gave the Roman church the ‘intellectual credibility’ that it needed to kill its opponents. The church of Rome will be more than happy to follow through on its desire to eliminate all opposition using any means necessary. They will once again become drunk on the blood of the saints who will eventually become their only opponent.

We can also assume that the Roman church will continue with its antisemitism. Its main target are the Christians through its counter-reformation, but they have not forgotten the Jews and their need to destroy them. God has made many promises to the Jews and the nation of Israel that are yet to be fulfilled (Please see Daniel 9:24 for further details).

The Jesuits and their lovers will be working diligently to ensure that these promises go unfulfilled. They will oppose Israel and any of its attempts at security in their relentless attempt to see the Jewish state eliminated.

We have recently observed that our university students are being more radicalized than ever. The latest example occurred on the campus at the University of Michigan. Our students of ‘higher learning’ rose up to demand the violent overthrow of the Jewish State of Israel. Although many people feigned outrage over this, this type of bacchanalia will continue on our campuses until they gain greater credibility. This event was only a test run.

The papists have always aligned themselves with totalitarian regimes in order to empower themselves. They have now made great forays into the governments of free nations as well as the boardrooms of most industries.

This infiltration has also affected the leadership of just about every religious denomination on the planet. As this occurs, their evil is filtering down to the local churches, most of whom do not have sufficient wisdom, or backbone, to question their leaders.

At this point in history, the population of each nation is nothing more than pawns of the Globalists and their religious advisors. The people of Ukraine are learning this awful lesson and the rest of us will be learning it soon enough.

We are even now beginning to see the signs of the end of the age. The spiritual deception is in full force and those who claim to be ‘Christians’ are preparing to deliver us up to tribulation. Lawlessness has increased and the love of many is already beginning to grow cold.

This is the kind of chaos that occurs when the faith of a nation, and the world, is subdued by false doctrine. False doctrine is what causes the church to abandon the Gospel in pursuit of doctrines of demons. It was the primary duty of the church to call sinners to repent and be forgiven in the name of Jesus. Had it followed this charge, the evil and chaos that is occurring now would never have come to light.

However, Jesus warned us that this time was coming. There is no way to reverse it. Although it should be resisted every step of the way, Satan is going to get his kingdom. As we approach the last day of the church age, the Holy Spirit is slowly removing his hand of protection so Satan can have his way with a Godless and faithless world.

As chaos in the form of fear and confusion continues to consume the world, the strategies of the Jesuits listed above will be even more successful. In the midst of the great turmoil that is coming, the numbers who are loyal to the pope will grow exponentially.

A future pope will be selected by Satan to serve in the capacity of false prophet in the end times. There are just too many similarities to deny this. A huge number of people around the world have placed their trust and their faith in this imposter. As their numbers grow, so does the darkness that is enveloping humanity.

Jesus warned us not to be deceived. He was not talking to any other religious group. He was talking to those of us who are called by his name. March 13, 2023

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