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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The Jesuits, who were founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1540, were an order of the Catholic Church whose mission was to stamp out the Protestant Reformation.

The church of Rome had become utterly corrupt to the point where it began to resemble the Whore of Babylon of Revelation 17. The totalitarian tactics, false doctrines, false accusations, and the blatant immorality of the Roman Church led numerous Christians to stand against it at the cost of their lives. It was the job of the Jesuits to put an end to this rebellion against its authoritarian rule and establish its dominance over the earth.

By 1606, the Jesuits had devised a long-term strategy to ensure that the rebellion against the Roman Church could never happen again. They needed a nation of uncivilized people that they could easily control and manipulate to enforce their agenda upon an unwary populace.

The unhappy victims of their ‘missionary’ work were the Guarani Indians of Paraguay. These so-called ‘missions’ were not designed to proclaim the Gospel of Christ but rather were a staging ground to end all rebellion against the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

The first order of business of the Jesuits was to subjugate the population, which they did initially through acts of kindness. Once they had gained the trust of the Indians, they divided them into 57 reductions, or communes, and forbade them to mix with anyone from the outside world, especially the Spanish and Portuguese. Each of these communes constituted the ‘Jesuit State,’ and each member was initiated through the ceremony of baptism. The Jesuit State, which was essentially a police state, contained all the attributes of the most oppressive totalitarian regimes that have existed throughout history.

According to Richard W. Thompson, a former secretary of the American Navy,

“In order to teach the confiding Indians that obedience to authority was their chiefest duty, they were subjected to rules of conduct and intercourse which were enforced with the strictest severity. They were watched in everything, the searching eyes of the Jesuits being continually upon them. They constituted, in fact, a state of society reaching the Jesuit ideal completely; that is, docile, tractable, submissive, obedient, without the least real semblance of manhood. Having thus completed their subjugation, energetic measures were adopted to render any change in their condition impossible.”

It is interesting to note that one of the Jesuits’ primary goals was to destroy all manifestations of manhood.

Thompson goes on to write,

“That [the Jesuits] had under them thirty-one [in fact, 57] great populations, producing immense riches to the society, while the people themselves were kept in the most miserable slavery;

that no Spaniard or Portuguese, were he even governor or bishop, was ever admitted into the Reductions;

that ‘with strange deceit,’ the Spanish language was absolutely forbidden;

that the Indians were trained to an unlimited, blind obedience, kept in the most ‘extraordinary ignorance,’ and the most insufferable slavery ever known, and under a complete despotism as to body and soul;

that they did not know there was any other sovereign in the world than the fathers, and knew nothing of the king, or any other law than the will of the ‘holy fathers,’ that the Indians were taught that white laymen adored gold, had a devil in their bodies, were the enemies of the Indians, and of the images which they adored;

that they were consequently taught to kill white men wherever they could find them, and to be careful to cut off their heads, lest they should come to life again.”

Thompson’s assessment of the ‘reductions’ is extremely relevant today as it appears that a small group of extremely wealthy people has adopted the tactics of the Jesuits.

I believe that this ‘cabal’ is addressed in James 5:1-6 and will be thoroughly dealt with when Babylon falls at the end of the seven-year tribulation (Revelation 18:9), so there is no sense in railing against them. This wealthy elite appear intent on forcing the nightmare of the reductions of Paraguay onto the entire world. It is amazing how much success they have had in this country in creating a society that is docile, tractable, submissive and obedient.

They have subjected the American people to their totalitarian desires with such ease that this nation can no longer be called the land of the free and the home of the brave.

It now seems that they own a large portion of the bureaucrats and politicians of Washington D.C. They appear to be the real power which is very frightening because they are unelected and unaccountable to the American people. They are also Godless and evil.

With surprising speed, this cabal is beginning to eliminate any semblance of manhood with their police state accusations of ‘toxic masculinity,’ forcing ‘transgenderism on our children and destroying their sexuality, and attempting the overall feminization of society. The threat of ‘cancel culture,’ in conjunction with a completely corrupt press corps whose sole goal is to suppress the truth, Washington D.C. can now force its will on anyone with little concern of any push back from the population at large.

The only way that this feat could have been accomplished, even by ultra-wealthy people, is if our society no longer honored God or gave thanks to Him. Our thinking has become futile, and our foolish hearts have darkened because of our rebellion against God. This society now imitates the ancient theocracy of Israel when it declined into evil and Godlessness.

God condemned this generation of Israelites in the harshest of terms through his prophet Isaiah when he proclaimed, “So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance, truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey” (Isaiah 59:14-15). This is now the state of our government and many other western governments around the world. This was the Jesuit’s ideal society, and it is now the ideal of a cabal of hyper-wealthy people who clearly have control of most Western governments, including our own.

Fortunately for the Guarani Indians, in 1767, the entire world began to turn on the Jesuits, and they were eventually expelled from 83 counties. Pope Clement XIII called for a consistory to disband the Jesuits due to the world’s hatred of them, including the preparation of a Papal Bull for the pronouncement. But on February 2, 1769, the night before the Bull to disband the Jesuits was due to be promulgated, General Lorenzo Ricci had the Pope murdered. The Jesuits were finally disbanded in 1773 by Pope Clement XIV due to political pressure from Europe.

After being restored in 1814, they have apparently turned to new tactics to fulfill their mission to overturn the Protestant Reformation, with the primary target once again being the white male. They are apparently serving as advisors to the ‘cabal.’

The cabal has now attempted to demonize white men because they have deduced that white men pose the greatest threat to their totalitarian schemes. We can only speculate as to why they have singled out white men, especially when the majority of the cabal are themselves white, but clearly, they are attempting to wipe out a certain ideology. It is apparent that the annihilation of Christianity, rather than their false accusations of racism, is their target, and they will engage in the most idiotic of arguments to fulfill their mission. Even other ethnic groups who express a Christian worldview are not immune to the mindless accusations of ‘white supremacy.’

The similarities between what the Jesuits attempted through the Reductions of Paraguay and what is being attempted now around the world are too great to deny. The emphasis on miseducation, eliminating freedom, extreme sexual perversion, suppressing the truth in favor of a false narrative, demoralizing society with extreme immorality, and falsely accusing white males of evil are in full force.

All references to the truth about what the Jesuits actually attempted have been scrubbed from the internet in order to suppress the truth of what they did. All that’s left are references to how the Jesuit missionaries were successful at creating a wonderful utopia for the Guarani Indians.

We are now beginning to witness what this wonderful utopia looks like as it is being implemented in this country and around the world.

We find ourselves, now, inching closer to the end of God’s timeline. There is no question that Christians, especially white Christians, are on the wrong side of history. Fortunately, history is on the wrong side of God, and if those who side with history do not repent, they will spend eternity in the lake of fire. Those are the stakes that we are facing at this time, and it is the responsibility of every Christian to ensure that God’s Word is proclaimed throughout the world.

Bearing false witness against one’s neighbor is a terrible sin against God, and those who engage in it are supremely evil. After all, it made God’s top ten of things not to do. However, the ‘cabal’ has discovered that this is a great way to gain power in a faithless society, and they have no intention of stopping until this evil begins to backfire on them. The only way to cause this sick strategy for gaining power to backfire is for Christians to begin to proclaim the Gospel once again to the faithless populace.

It is incumbent upon the few Christians who are left to share the Gospel with this dying and unsaved world. That means we are to share God’s law and share his Gospel and thereby doing stand firm in the faith. When the heathen attempt to destroy your reputation by calling you a racist or white supremacist or falsely accuse you of being a ‘homophobe,’ inform them that they are violating God’s law and bearing false witness against you. Then politely inform them that Jesus died for that sin too and that Christ calls them to repent and be forgiven in his Holy name. This is called ‘sharing the Gospel,’ and it is a practice that has apparently been abandoned by most churches in the Western Hemisphere.

We have been commanded by our Lord and Savior to proclaim repentance for the forgiveness of sins in the name of Jesus. Most of our true pastors have apparently passed on, and this generation of ‘hirelings’ seems incapable of sharing the Gospel. Since most of our churches have achieved “Sardis Status” and are now dead, this responsibility now falls upon the laymen to stand upon God’s Word in our towns and cities around the country. Christ has called upon the Christians who are left to fulfill this obligation to the Lord and to stand firm on the Gospel in the face of persecution. We have been purchased at a great price, and time is short; we must not neglect our duty.

Jesus wondered aloud if, when he returned, would he find faith upon the earth. Will he?

March 14, 2022

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